Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Where in the heck is your yarmulke? (And Putting the World in its Place)

It seems as if David is never wearing a kippah. Every time I see him I am compelled to ask/yell where it is. And he always smiles, says "what are you talking about?" and turns around to show me where it is resting on the other side of his head. His hair has gotten pretty scraggly and long--despite Kinneret's best efforts to convince me it's time for a haircut--and his kippah always seems to get lost in it.
I know I've heard this play out before, but in a different setting. I close my eyes. Ah yes, now I remember. During my own adolescent years people were always inquiring where was my kippah when it was simply hanging on the "other" side (or back) of my head.
I guess this is how I get paid back for my "sins." Aside from the slight blood pressure elevation I experience every time I see David "sans" kippah, I can live with this. But I really wish I could solve the enigma of why it is that his kippah is always on the "other" side of his head from where I am standing. How does it happen like that?
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(From about 2 months ago.)
It's so cute how Ora makes such an effort to identify and grasp the world around her. Right now she is fixated on relationships and colors. All day long: "I'm a daughter"; "You're Ora's Abba"; "Your Ora's Mama"; etc.
And colors too. She's been learning them in school and she walks around all day testing her knowledge. She points to items around her and tries to name the color.
Her favorite colors are pink and purple. She tries to wear pink or purple outfits and accessories as much as possible. She even considers it a special treat when her morning yogurt is pink or purple (depending on the flavor of the day).
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