Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Crib to Bed

About five weeks I heard a thud from the second floor. It was the sound of Ora falling to the floor while climbing out of her crib. She had been trying to climb out for a few weeks and she finally succeeded.
Last week I put together David's old Thomas train bed for her. Kinneret and I had spoken about setting it up for her for a little while but we demurred because we were afraid that with a bed we might have problems getting her to stay in it at bedtime. But now the point was mute. She was now regularly climbing out of her crib at will anyway.
Last night I peeked into Ora's room as she slept on the Thomas bed. It's not a big bed, yet she still looked so small in it as it almost swallowed her up. We had kept David in the bed until this past summer, way past when should have been it. He had long outgrown it and really couldn't fit on it, but we lacked the space for a proper bed for him. It was weird to Ora taking up less than half of the bed's length.
* * *
When we moved in the house we put David and Ora in the same room and used the third bedroom for storage. Every so often we considered moving Ora into the third bedroom, but we didn't mainly because we weren't sure if they'd each want to sleep alone. (And I didn't want to have to clean out the third bedroom.) Even David, who kept on clamoring for his own room, seemed to enjoy having her in the room at night. Of course it drove us crazy because they'd keep each other up by talking and goading each other.
In the end we did move Ora to her own room and so far it seems to have worked out fine. Ora is even willing to go to bed with the door closed!
Next we need to get a proper bed for David. (He's been on an air mattress since we moved in.) He's been begging for bunk beds. Over the weekend he again asked for bunk beds and commented that maybe Ora could sleep on the bottom.
* * *
The old apartment only had one bedroom and the kids really didn't have any type of traditional bedroom setup and certainly no personal space. In the house David really took quickly to being in a proper bedroom, even though he was sharing it at first with Ora. It's cute how he hung up certain things and has been personalizing it as his room.
Ora too now seems to like having her own room. She sometimes pushes us out and closes the door.
* * *
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