Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Things My Grandfather Hated . . . But Let Me Do Anyway

7) He hated when I opened up the fridge. As soon as I grabbed onto the door handle to yank it open he'd ask me what am I looking for. Why am I "letting all the cold air out." Etc. (If I left the lights on in a room he'd ask me if I bought Con Ed stock.)
And now that we're in the house and I'm more conscious about energy bills I do the same with David. As soon as I see him going toward the fridge I ask him what he's looking for. And God forbid he keeps it open longer than necessary.


tesyaa said...

The father of one of our babysitters told his seven kids to decide what they wanted to eat BEFORE they opened the refrigerator door.

Abba said...


well my grandfather lived throught the depression. what's my excuse? :)
have a חג כשר ושמח