Friday, April 1, 2011

Why Are Brooklyn Yeshivos So Cheap?

People often wonder why Teaneck-type schools are so much more expensive than Brooklyn-type schools. Of course it's easy to point to the fancier facilities, more extra-curricular activities, the serious college-prep curriculum, better-paid employees, etc.

Wait, did I write better-paid employees? I should have written that Teaneck-type schools have paid employees.

Gil at Hirhurim commented in a recent thread that he overheard a rebbe mention that his wife, a Bais Yaakov teacher, is owed two years salary. Anyone famliar with Brooklyn-type schools knows that this is an oft-heard lament.

Well I guess it's easier to charge such cheap tuition when you don't have to pay employees on time, if ever.

Similarly, not paying rent on time (or ever), also common in Brooklyn-type schools, helps keep tuition down.

Yes, these practices are aborent and in my humble opinion defeat the purpose of sending your kid to yeshivah, but please don't leave any comments bashing the community in which these types of schools are usually found. My point in this post is simply to explain one reason why Teaneck-type schools are so damn expensive and question if parents who want a Teaneck-type school at Brooklyn prices are willing for their kids' teachers to be treated like slaves and for landlords to be stiffed.


SQ said...

"these practices are aborent [sic]"

Let me guess, you attended a Brooklyn yeshiva? ;-)

MDJ said...

Unrelated, other than that you mentioned hirhurim, I now know who "IH" and "Ruvie" are

tesyaa said...

Two years salary owed and she's still there? I know jobs are scarce, but wouldn't bagging groceries in the supermarket be a better source of income?

tesyaa said...

On the other hand, if she's getting free tuition it might not be a terrible deal.

Abba said...




i guess that could explain one reason they don't quit (although i think it's more of a matter they realize they don't have better opportunities elsewhere)

but is still doesn't make it right.