Thursday, March 24, 2011


Last night we did some parsha. I started to exaplain to David that there are special signs to determine if an animal is kosher. "Why can't you just look for the hashgocho?" he asked.


Pragmatician said...

he's absolutely right:) the signs don't mean much anymore, if we were to find a new animal with all the right signs, it would probably not be deemed kosher.

MDJ said...

Hashgocho?! where did he learn havarah ashkenazit.

Abba said...


i don't know anything about animals, but surely over the centuries previously unknown animals with kosher signs have been discovered? no?

certainly so with birds.


don't blow my cover!
(and don't you mean ashkenazis?)

MDJ said...

Then I would also mean havoroh, too, wouldn't I.