Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Of Metaphors and Anthropomorphisms

Sometimes I'm concerned that David may not be absorbing everything that he is taught in school.

* * *

While reading through the Haggadah last night with David we reached the lines that speak of God taking the Jews out of Egypt with a strong arm, an outstretched arm, etc. Then this morning we paused after Yigdal for a line of be'ur tefillah and I focused on ein lo demus ha-guf ve-eino guf, i.e., the principle of God's incorporeality. We translated the line and then I started to explain that even though we read last night about God's hand, it doesn't mean He really has a hand. Instead of the expected confusion I was greeted with a smile and, "Abba, it's a metaphor."

I guess things do sink in after all in school.


S. said...

By way of contrast: I remember exactly when and where I was when I heard the term and meaning of "metaphor" - in the 7th grade.

Evidently my yeshiva education in 7th grade was somewhat on par with your son's in 1st grade. Go yeshiva!

mother in israel said...

Yes, can you imagine learning that in today's day school? I will ask my kids if they know.