Tuesday, April 3, 2012


During one of my internships I worked for a few days on the pediatric floor. I was stunned every time I walked through the halls. So many rooms had young kids with no visitors. No family, no friends. Kids were crying. They were in pain and/or scared. It was very depressing. And maddening.
I can't say that I'd never leave my child's side during a hospital stay--life continues and there are other obligations to tend to. But I like to think that I'd be sure to arrange so that he is never alone.
Parents who leave young children unattended while they are hospital patients should be charged with abandonment.

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tesyaa said...

Yep, but in the bad old days like the '30s and '40s it was standard. In fact, the parents weren't allowed to stay overnight, and even "excessive" visiting was discouraged.

This is where bikur cholim orgs come in handy, if the parents just cannot cover 24/7.