Monday, August 1, 2011

Thank God for America

There was an article today on VIN (here) about a Jewish diabetic from Brooklyn who was in a car accident in Sierre Leone. Apparently he died while being treated in a hospital there because insulin was unavailable.

Later in the day at work I opened the fridge and I just stood there gazing at the stock of insulin supplies. Who would think that in the twenty-first century someone could have trouble getting insulin? And in a hospital, no less?

God bless America.

On the other hand, even in bountiful America there is a great dearth of organ donors. 3,000 Americans die every year while waiting for a bone marrow donation (and many more die from complications due to partially matched donations). Click here to register with the bone marrow donor registry and you can be the one who lowers it to 2,999.

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