Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Learning to Ride a Bike

I never thought David would learn how to ride a two-wheeler. And then today he picked it up by himself in under two minutes. Nothing had worked. We tried loosening the training wheels as well as removing one training wheel. Then today I borrowed a "Balance Buddy" but he wouldn't use it for more than five minutes and insisted I put the training wheels back on. As I was reattaching them, his friend's father suggested he try just coasting on a very low bike. We had heard about this method but never got around to borrowing a low bike from someone. And at this point I was consigned to putting the training wheels back on. I put on one and as I went to reattach the other, his friend's father said to me that I may want to hold off with the training wheels. I lifted up my head and to my delightful surprise watched David coasting along and then before I knew he picked up his feet to the pedals and was riding around the track. He looked like a circus clown on the tiny bike but around he went. After two circuits we told him to try his friend's bike, which was in between the low bike and his bike. He effortlessly made a circuit. Then the friend's father suggested David try his own bike without the training wheels. I was sure it was too high for his comfort, but he got on and went around. And around. And around. And fell and got a big bump on his forehead to testify to his efforts. And then around again. And around.

  1. We are so proud of him. Nothing can turn this into a bad week.

  2. Now if only he'd learn to swim and to defend himself I could rest assured that I have fulfilled my paternal responsibilities.

  3. Never give up on your kid.

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MDJ said...

Get him a few private swimming lessons at the Y, or whatever then have out there. Emma wouldn't learn bike riding or swimmming either. Then, last month, she went through more or less the same process as David on a bike in a couple of hours, and now can ride her bike. Two weeks later, she had a handful of private lessons ($200-300 total) and now she can swim (sort of). (I know, that would more than pay for that new book we've been discussing.)
On the other hand, I have tried to interest her in the Karate club at school (tora dojo, more or less), to no avail, yet.

MDJ said...

Actually, I just looked at the video. He's way better after 30 minutes than Emma is after a month. He'll be swimming laps in no time. But the personal attention of someone who actually knows how to teach kids really helps.

Abba's Rantings said...

he had extra swimming lessons in camp last summer. i don't think he really picked up any skills, but then we were just happy he was going into the water.

this summer we got the form again for private lessons. the price is different depending on who you want. i didn't think it was necessary to pay extra for someone higher up, but maybe for him that's what he needs now that the goal is higher than just getting in the water.

unfortunately judo was cut when he switched schools because of his schedule