Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ora/David Update

Ora turned one year old last Friday. We made her small and quick party right before Shabbat started and she enjoyed thrusting her fingers into the cupcake-on-steroids that Kinneret brought home.
Babbles a ton, but still no words. No independent walking yet. We've added omelets to her menu and she enjoys them. She is very attached to her pink blanket and she snuggle with it no matter where she is. David never had a security blanket, but he couldn't go anywhere without taking a few cars with him.
David gets bigger and bigger ever day. He was able to spin a dreydel on Hanukkah, which really surprised us. Last week he was able to finish anim zmiros in shul for the first time. He ivre is very good, but he doesn't have a strong voice and I'm afraid that when some of the other boys start finishing off with him they will overpower him and he will conform to their ivre. Two weeks ago he asked me to start teaching him yigdal and hopefully soon he'll start saying that in shul as well. He can also lein about the first fifteen psukim of Breishis, but I haven't really kept up with him on this. His favorite subjects in school are math and reading and he said he also likes Spanish.
David has always been a bit of a kano'i and last week he got into a verbal altercation with a friend at Hebrew school because the friend said he didn't care about mezuzos.

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