Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ora Update

Yesterday Ora kept on crawling into the kitchen while I was working. She sat down next to me and kept on blowing me kisses. No matter how many times the babysitter carried her out, she kept on returning to blow kisses.
She just learned how to blow kisses, although her coordination is off. She covers her mouth and kisses, but waits a few seconds before waving her hand forward. This amplifies the sound and makes it sound funny. It was also really funny when she blew kisses with the pacifier in her mouth. (She reminds a lot of Maggie Simpson with her pacifier.)
* * *
Her hair is very thin, but starting to grow out a bit. (David's hair was also very thin, but it hardly grew out at all.) It's very cute when her bangs cover her eyes.
* * *
Ora likes sour pickles.

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Avi said...

I work from home (when I'm not on the road) and my youngest just started day care this year. Previously he was with a babysitter in the house, and I really miss when he'd barge into my office to "tell me something."