Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Of Beatles and Volcanoes

David just loves the Beatles. A little while ago he came home from school singing "Yellow Submarine" and I thought it was cute because I remembered learning that song in first grade music also. But in my experience that was where my childhood exposure to the Beatles ended. David's music teacher, however, made the Beatles a central part of the curriculum. He learned a whole bunch of songs and his favorites are "Yesterday," "I Want to Hold Your Hand," "Let it Be" and "Here Comes the Sun." (He no longer likes "Yellow Submarine" so much.) He loves sitting in front of Youtube and watching the videos.

But it wasn't just about the songs. He learned a lot about the Beatles themselves. Their instruments. Their personal lives. Every day he'd come and tell about the newest factoids he had learned. "Did you know that John Lennon was married to Yoko Ono?" (His favorites by the way are John and Ringo. Personally I prefer Paul.)

One day he made a comment that maybe he'll grow his hair and payis (!) like the Beetles. He's always considered it a treat to get a haircut and he asks for them all the time. (Maybe it's the lollipop he gets at the end?) I prefer him with long hair (but not upshern type), however, and so I'm glad the Beetles are having this effect on him.

A few weeks ago a Beetles tribute band was playing at a local college. I really wanted to take David, but both of us ended up being sick. Maybe next time.

* * *

Last year David's teacher told me about one of those cute moments he was privy to. While on the bus on a school trip he overheard a long conversation between David and two friends about the band they are going start together.

Recently David told me about it also. They are going to call themselves The Volcanoes (not a bad name?). I think he said he is going to play guitar, but more recently he's been asking for drum lessons. We might just let him.

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