Monday, December 12, 2011

Pacifier Stunts

Ora can't go anywhere without her pacifier. Sometimes she carries an extra one for backup and sometimes she even uses two at the same time. David didn't really use pacifiers. We didn't really let him and I don't recall him expressing interest. This time around I'm willing to surrender this battle.

Ora has become very adept with the pacifier. When it falls to the floor she just bends over and picks up in her mouth without hands. She also spits it out and then just as it as about to fall down she sucks it back in.

The best was Saturday night. We were sitting in Toby's apartment. The pacifier fell out of her mouth and Ora put it back in upside down. With just one motion and without using hands she spun it around in her mouth that it would be right side up. It was so funny. We kept on taking it out and putting it back in upside down. She started getting it annoyed but for us it was real entertainment. I wish I could post a video but I can't obscure her face.

(A few months she was very into "yoga." She would bridge herself with her head on the floor and the pick up her hands.)

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MDJ said...

Hannah was doing the same yoga a few months ago, and was happy to demonstrate "yoga" on request.