Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wise-A@@ Frumkeit Part 1

Earlier this evening I was adjusting the temperature of the bath water while David waited naked in the hallway. I turned around for a second and saw that he had grabbed a pair of my tzitzit and draped it over his body. We already had some tense moments this evening because he misbehaved again in talmud torah, and it was getting late now and I just wanted to finish up and get him to bed. So I ignored him and continued with the water.
I turned around again as he darted into and the living room and watched him return with Kinneret's Tehillim in hand. He opened it up and pretended to daven. At this point I told him to stop and explained that it isn't respectful to daven while naked.
"But Abba," he protested, "I'm saying Baruch ata . . . malbish arumim!"*
Was I supposed to reprimand him or shep nachas?
* "Blessed art thou, Lord our God, Master of the Universe, who clothest the naked people."

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MDJ said...

I vote for nachas.