Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sock in Mouth

Ora puts everything in her mouth. We never had this problem with David and we were sort of unprepared for it with Ora. We have to be so careful not to leave anything on the floor, especially now that she is crawling all over the place. And when she can't reach anything she'll just pull off a sock with her teeth and keep it there.
Last week I picked up David from talmud torah and someone alerted me to the fact that there was a sock dangling from between Ora's teeth. I feigned surprise and invited the well-wisher to engage in a tug-of-war and attempt to dislodge it. She declined.
* * *
We can't believe she is almost one year old!
* * *
Like David before her, Ora loves dogs. Whenever she passes one in the street she leans out of her carriage and beckons to it.
She even tries to imitate a bark if you ask what sound a dog makes. She can't do it yet, but it's so cute to watch her try. She sucks in her cheeks and puckers her lips, but no sound comes out. Sometimes there is a slight whistle, but nothing like a bark.
* * *
Ora loves David. She follows him everywhere and is always happy to see him. At night it's a problem if we try to put her and David to sleep at the same time because they like to play with each other through the netting of her pack-n-play. We sit in the kitchen and listen to them giggling at one another, but eventually we have to go and take her out until David falls asleep (which usually only takes a minute or two).
* * *
Last week Ora climbed onto David's bed! I enclosed the bed with barriers so she wouldn't fall off and went into the kitchen for a minute while David entertained her. Suddenly I heard a big thump and wild crying. I ran inside petrified that I would find Ora flattened on the floor, but it was actually David, who had lost his balance and fallen off the roof of his (train) bed onto the floor.


MDJ said...

Our younger one is also much more troublesome in terms of putting things in her mouth and opening doors than her sister was. In our old apartment we had everything latched, and I don't think they were ever tested. Now, if a latch is loose or missing, you can be sure the door will be open within 5 minutes.

Abba's Rantings said...

we haven't fixed all the loose latches yet. i'm still trying to figure out what to do with the wires.