Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stupid Teachers in My Son's School

Without getting into specifics, something happened today in school that was very disturbing. My wife complained to the teacher, who didn't quite get it. Then another teacher in the room remarked in Hebrew--thinking that my wife doesn't understand Hebrew?--, "I'm happy that he's not in my class."

My wife was livid but she couldn't find any of the principals. She called me up and told me what had transpired and I immediately called the principal. I couldn't speak with him, as there was then another parent in his office complaining about the very same issue that my wife had initially been upset about. He later returned my call and, knowing already why I had called, apologized, stated that he agreed with our position and promised to put an end to the issue.

Even though I didn't need to convince him of our take on the issue, I nonetheless related to him all the details of the issue. I hoped this would make myself feel better and also make him understand how much we were upset by this issue.

I wasn't sure if I should tell him about the Hebrew remark and in the end I didn't. I'm really not looking to get the teacher in trouble; maybe she is already having problems with the administration and this could get her fired. But on the other hand, who cares. Why should such a stupid and unprofessional teacher be working in the school altogether?


Abba said...

I told the principal this morning, without naming the specific teacher who made the offending comment.

Batya said...

Stand up for your principles and don't be shy about reporting the teacher. Or if you don't want to report the teacher, contact the teacher and request an apology. Maybe the teacher will realized that teaching isn't for her.

Abba said...


Thanks for being my first commentor.

I'm not interested in an apology. She said what she said and that's how she really feels. An apology isn't going to change that.

tesyaa said...

I definitely think the teacher should have been reported for her not-nice remark. (I realize this happened over a year ago). I would have reported her to the principal, but maybe I'm just a vindictive person.